Imagine the infinite possibilities of your own conscious universe

AuraOZ is your chance to construct an interactive virtual aura to assist your personal evolution in multiple realities and games.


The philosophy of the Human Aura has long been the source of myth, mystery and awe.

Now with digital technology we are able to harness these mysteries and make them interactive.


Input your Body Size with a body scan video, carefully taken photographs, fill out a body measurement form or design your own set of virtual avatars.


Input and rank your personal preferences for core emotions, human values, colours, interests, skills, travel destinations and activity frequencies.


Choose or create your favourite dynamic data visualisations to make it much easier for you to intuitively navigate and control mixed realities.


What if you could digitally recreate and complete your meaningful life goals, even if you never completed them? What goals would you then set for the future?


Your AuraOZ is an intelligent light field but you can store much more information and many items in your Personal Mind Palace. Decorate it to your liking.


As you explore the infinite multi-verse you will acquire maps of many worlds. Search for, store and contribute to shared maps in a public hall of knowledge.

AuraOZ was imagined by Luke Nathan Hayes as a tool for facilitating joy, healing, virtuous common sense & responsible abundance in our hyper-connected world.

Why would anyone want a Virtual Aura with an interactive intelligence to simplify the virtual world?

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If you love the concept of #VR virtual reality Auras and #AuraOZ intelligent light fields for #smartCities and more you can #Tip in #BitCoin #BTC or #Ethereum.

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Through AuraOZ the possibilities are literally limitless.

Cast your will through your Aura by learning to play the controls.

Each layer of the Aura might be associated with different aspects of life.

Declarations via AuraOZ might enable better interpersonal understanding.

Dating preferences via AuraOZ might cause sexual harassment to decline.

Couples getting married could build Auras to plan their future life together.

Cryptography between layers could help build trusted reputations globally.

Responsible machine learning integration could enhance privacy control.

An AuraOZ Avatar might enhance the lives of people living with disabilities.

Would you like to take a 2 week resort holiday to recalibrate your life into an AuraOZ?


ICO details are not final and are likely to change until pre-launch.

Would you like to share your thoughts on making the numbers work?

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A significant objective of using an ICO instead of a product launch is to give students, elderly, unemployed and unbanked people around the world the chance to do 2 things.

FIRST: to declare a wish for responsible abundance in world governance and store that wish on a worldwide public ledger that is mathematically secure.

SECOND: to profit from making their declaration wish into AuraOZ.

Would you like to share your thoughts on making the numbers work?

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page and send me an email.

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Would you like a 5 week training course in a Holiday Resort all expenses paid and on Week 4 earn $600.00 and week 5 earn $1200.00 and then start full time working. I envision employees of AuraOZ building and utilizing the world's best artificial intelligence software to solve all of the worlds most urgent, important and interesting challenges, lifting humanity into joyous, virtuous and compassionate responsible abundance. We also will be implementing a women first hiring strategy and leadership training program so the majority of resort training attendees will be women.

Our goal is to train 100,000 people to use AuraOZ for Good.

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In AuraOZ, Millionaire and Billionaire are used in the non-monetary context of having the ability, confidence, charisma, desire  and  distribution platform to affect and improve the lives of one or more million or billion people.

Join In This Co-Creation. Invest In Goodness. Make Contact With AuraOZ.

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